Birkman Certification Course

Overview :

Become a catalyst for growth. Become an expert in personality.

Become a Birkman Certified Professional.  Since 1951, The Birkman Method has profoundly impacted lives and organizations through deep analysis of personality. Birkman reports are compelling tools, and it is the hearts and minds of our users that bring the power of Birkman to life.

As a Birkman Certified Professional, you will be equipped with the knowledge and interpretation techniques to provide insightful feedback and spark transformative conversations.

Acquire the skills and insights to empower people and performance with a three-day comprehensive workshop that unearths highly-detailed personality and behavioral metrics. Birkman reports provide in-depth data to allow you gain personality knowledge to drive measurable changes in any organization.

Our three-day course will train you on the personality metrics in the Birkman Signature Report and expand your skills for developing talent. People from all backgrounds and experiences attend Birkman training, so you’ll learn with a diverse group in an engaging and collaborative atmosphere.

There are many advantages of becoming a Birkman Certified Professional:

  • Learn powerful interpretation techniques and in-depth knowledge of the Birkman behavioral Components, the nine core scales for understanding
  • Unlock access to the Birkman Signature Report and 60 reports customized to specific applications such as team building and career exploration.
  • Gain credibility, confidence, and clients by adding a worldwide-recognized certification and title of Birkman Certified Professional to your portfolio
  • Grow your network and learn from experienced users during the course and at Birkman User Groups across the country.
  • Work with our team to customize your account for ease of use within your personal database
  • Improve the self-awareness and emotional intelligence of others so they can engage in more satisfying relationships, careers, and lives.