Career Compass Report for Students


The Career Compass Report is designed to be your roadmap and guide to achieve academic success and find a fulfilling future career. This report will give you advice on aligning your education with a satisfying career, and also on understanding your personality to provide insight into your strongest career motivators. Understanding the dynamics between your Interests, Strengths, and Expectations is critical as you consider your path to success.

When thinking about your future career path, keep in mind that there are jobs you will enjoy, jobs you may never imagine pursuing, and jobs you may be able to excel in but may not find fulfilling. The goal of this report is to help you explore the careers that you will likely find the most natural and fulfilling.

Self-assessment is an effective first step in the career planning process. Before reviewing your report, take some time to reflect on the questions below.

The information we provide is scientifically reliable and valid to make your career decisions easier. With Career Compass report, you’ll receive your results immediately after taking our questionnaire (in PDF format).

  1. Take the Career Compass questionnaire

Expect to spend about 30 minutes taking the questionnaire. There are 298 multiple choice questions. Follow the instructions to answer the questions!

  1. Immediately you will receive your results

Your customized, interactive PDF is available as soon as you complete the questionnaire.. Start your career discovery!

  1. Explore the insights

You can communicate with us if you would like to dig deeper in your results or need career coachin