We have considerable maturity in profitably accommodate executive solutions into our applicant businesses. We appreciate business perception and organizational needs. Therefore, we endeavor to develop solutions designed specifically to meet our clients’ obligations. We are driven to entitle people, federation and cooperation . We share interpretation and modernization to help them be more lucrative.

Our specialist utility and Solutions are in perpetual enlargement and diversification. As well as to our ideology in providing our services that fixate in the first place on what we can conclude. Also, providing adequate services to our client needs, With the prosperity of our professional cadres and constituency base

Our Vision :

" Global Leaders in Mastering Performance "

Our Mission :

" Provide integral business solutions to empower communities and organizations to improve people lives and optimize organizational success. We are driven by our mission and our commitment to excellence as we strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards "




Masters Legacy is swift flourishing dominant efficient services association, entrenched in 2011 to influence others and make their lives better by revolutionary and forge personalized solutions with a durable insistence on implementation and achievements

ML Became The Restrictive

In 2015 ML became the restrictive, accredited Birkman International Partner in Middle East. Since that we have alternated our procedure to complement our jolt. We incorporate Birkman Method observation with our consulting solutions to help our applicant revamp their lives, businesses and “Mastering Performance ..Our story didn’t end there… over the past years we have certified more than 400 Birkman consultants all over the Middle East and offered more than 5000 Birkman session for individual and team We’re so proud help our clients to devise the new ideas that will drive the Training, Consultations and HR Solutions industry



At Masters Legacy we implement our applicant with constructive approach that make constructive change a real part of day-to-day business. We don’t just speculate about improving your business. We do improve your business.

We deliver a utterly imply approach to working along the side of you. We will help you to codify and realize your qualified dreams and will permit you to reorganize ideas into actions and emanate, now and over the years.

Our methodology was invented to contribute an unified process for individual and institutional empowerment and evolution using Birkman arrangement, it is used widely in the fields of career coaching, leadership development, human resources authority, training, talents authority, consultative and bureaucratic design