Birkman Assessment

The Birkman Method is a time-tested, scientifically reliable and valid assessment of personality and perception. Since 1951, Birkman helped millions of individuals, leaders, and teams achieve greater success through insights into their motivational interests, occupational behavior, and deeply-rooted perspectives. Birkman powerful data develops actions that empower our clients to succeed in some of the greatest feats in human achievement.

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Individual :

We believe differences in perception and the resulting interpersonal dynamics have far-reaching impacts on relationships, performance, and morale. We promote self-awareness to achieve personal and organizational development using Birkman Method.

Self-aware people have the ability to monitor their own emotions and reactions. Self-aware people that are highly attuned to their behaviors (and how others perceive those behaviors) can make a positive impact in their lives by setting the tone for maturity, moderation, and civility that others will aim to replicate.

The Birkman reports deliver unparalleled behavioral insights that are at the core of successful teams and business initiatives.

Team :

Companies across all industries – including non-profit organizations – successfully use Birkman to develop their talent and teams. Birkman helps people express their strengths and positively leverage the differences that make us unique. Because Birkman drives awareness of oneself and others, it can positively impact any relationship in a person’s life.

Birkman enables teams to embrace the differences that make them unique.

Birkman creates a common language for communication within teams and enables individuals to understand each others’ behaviors and Needs. By establishing a solid foundation, teams can increase their emotional intelligence and effectiveness.

Leadership :

Leading is about connecting with people, not just setting the strategic direction of a team. True connection and understanding allow leaders to motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations.

Accurate awareness of one’s own personality is the cornerstone for successful leadership development. When leaders can consistently leverage their own strengths and mitigate negative and reactive behaviors, they are empowered to become better leaders of others.

Birkman provides deeper selfawareness and others-awareness, giving leaders insights into what their team members need to be at their best.