Mohanad Majed

Founder & CEO

Mohanad is the founder and CEO of Masters Legacy - Birkman Middle East Exclusive Licensee-. Mohanad is the first Certified Birkman Consultant from the Middle East and Birkman Certified Trainer. He brought this effective tool –Birkman- to the Middle East since 2015. Over the last 15 years, Mohanad worked with hundreds of local and international companies ranging from small scale start –ups to mid and large size corporations and government agencies as well, offering training and development programs, consulting and other professional services. In addition, Mohanad is a life coach, Certified trainer and Birkman Certified Trainer, he trained over 8000 people in a variety of corporate, seminar, and train-the-trainer sittings.

Moammar Othman

Operational Manager