Training & Development

Knowledge, skills, and abilities are not enough. Training and development programs are more important than ever, good training and development programs help organization retain the right people and grow profits. ML follow a simple, cost effective and conventional method in training.

We provide High-impact training and development programs, we design our programs based on participants need, their learning style..., to help individual and groups learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles and ensure development and professional growth. We plan the entire training process after we analysis the gap and match it with organization strategy and objectives using Birkman method through an integrated approach to ensure sustainable development.

Birkman Signature Certification :

Acquire the skills and insights to empower people and performance with a three-day comprehensive workshop that unearths highly-detailed personality and behavioral metrics. Birkman reports provide in-depth data to allow you gain personality knowledge to drive measurable changes.

We start by training you in Birkman concepts so you feel confident analyzing the reports. The engaging, in-person workshop incorporates coaching conversations, team building activities, and more that you can use. Birkman Signature Certification also has a focus on individual coaching, as a Birkman report can help immensely in coaching conversations.

In the Three-Day Comprehensive Workshop, you’ll practice your interpretation skills with several Birkman report profiles to see how combinations of personality traits may impact the working relationship of those with different patterns.

Customized Soft skills Training :

We seek to understand your goals, your working environment, your challenges. This helps us focus each learning experience on the areas that need the most attention.

We provide the essential knowhow to develop and improve employee effectiveness in the workplace. We offer many customized courses by analysisng the training needs to create the appropriate training materials and time frames to deliver the program most suitable to our clients' business needs.

Coaching & Mentoring :

We focuses on helping individuals, teams and leaders go from where they are, to where they want to be. We structure a coaching process that supports our clients to identify problems and work out how the best solutions can be applied that will ensure sustainable results.

We also help organizations and individuals to clarify career direction and pathing, build concrete goals and tailor career development plans that enhance performance and potential. We encourage engagement and support employees to keep on track. We ensure individuals identify the right strategies that best fit their aspirations, development needs and lifestyle.