Firstly, I hope you will enjoy reviewing our website. To have the opportunity one day to become an ambassador for our mission, and contribute with us to achieve our vision to empower organizations and community members to master performance!

What motivated me to establish Masters Legacy is my personal experience through my career. Although I specialize in Business Administration, my passion is to motivate and influence others, by giving them the opportunity to realize their interests and strengths. Since I realized my passion, I have taken upon myself to empower and support others to find their passion, and I have invested all my efforts to support my mission and to bring all the tools that help me achieve this.

I am proud that we at Masters Legacy have been able to work with more than 30 Government and Private Organization to help them recruit and hire talents, develop their employees, and raise the performance and productivity of their teams. We have also contributed to coach more than 10,000 individual to help them discover their passion and raise self-awareness of their abilities, and train more than 28,000 trainees and motivate them to develop their professional and personal skills so that they can achieve their best performance.

These experiences have earned us the ability to provide innovative, sustainable solutions, and qualitative experiences. Rather, building supportive strategic partnerships with the best of experts, consultants, mentors and organizations.

I look forward today and see a bright future. As we are at Masters Legacy constantly developing our methodology and working model to suit and meet our clients’ needs and enhance mastering performance. Not only that, but we seek to share knowledge, create innovation and create positive change in the communities which we work and live in.

I truly believe in the importance and role of partnerships in enhancing and maximizing impact, so I invite you to view our services and be our future partner!  
Mohanad Majed