Masters Legacy is a leading company in training, development and personal and institutional consultations in the Middle East. What contributed to the prosperity and expansion of our business is that we are the exclusive international partner for Birkman Method in the Middle East since 2015.

Since its establishment, Masters Legacy has made strong partnerships with a selection of consultants and experts – both in the Middle East and globally – in many areas, & the most important is training, education, development, human resources, coaching, career guidance leadership & managerial consulting and more. Our experts have supported our clients to master their performance, and have contributed to promote the use of Birkman assessment in different areas, and even supported designing and fostering best practices by using Birkman assessment.

At Masters Legacywe take responsibility for changing and developing education, training, consulting, and hiring as the basic building blocks to empower individual and organizations. This initiative has led us to develop and apply our own methodologies and to continue to measure its impact. This is what has made us take the lead in humanizing our training programs and projects on every level.

At Masters Legacy we are proud to have attracted Birkman Assessment to the Arab Gulf and Middle East region. From our website pages, you will be able to know what Birkman is, what make it unique, and why we chose Birkman specifically over other personal tests or assessments.

Our Vision

Global Leaders in Mastering Performance!

Our Mission

Human based designed Services

Our Values

• Innovation • Empowerment • Sustainability • Professionalism

Our Goals

• A distinctive mark in human and professional development process, on both individual and institutional levels
• Sharing and transferring knowledge • Building Strategic Partnerships • Expansion and Spreading