Organizational Consultations

At the institutional level, we are always happy to provide development consulting to organizations and agencies to help them develop their performance. This is done by analysing challenges and suggesting appropriate solutions for them. From employment to training and development, our consulting services to organizations are available to develop working environments, in conclusion with the design of succession plans. Our most prominent services are:

Individual consultations:

Our consultations for individuals with elite group of consultants and specialists in many fields vary between personal training (coaching) and (mentoring). These sessions aim to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the individual in life and work, achieve their goals and manage personal challenges, as well as developing their skills.

The most distinctive feature of our counselling sessions is the (AHA Moments), which point to sudden perception and understanding. These moments are usually evident when we discuss Birkman reports with our clients. Birkman reports help raise self and social awareness, by recognizing motivations and needs. Understanding these aspects and their impact on each other helps individual understand the emotions and behaviours that shape their life.

This is what distinguishes Birkman consulting sessions, the ability of Birkman certified consultant to take and humanize the information of Birkman reports and make it come alive for the individual help our clients build awareness and take actions that will improve their relationships with themselves and others, achieving results they are willing to reach.

Recruitment and selection

Masters Legacy develops a candidate recruitment and selection methodology by building a job profile and comparing it with Birkman candidate reports. This process helps to recruit the right person in the right place, reduced turnover, increase productivity, and job satisfaction. Not only is it that we can by Birkman assessment match the candidate's motivations with the organization's values to achieve functional integration and increase loyalty.

Birkman helps uncover the invisible yet deeply influential drivers of workplace performance and satisfaction that are not revealed on a candidate’s resume or cover letter. Birkman measures individual’s career interests, work styles, and underlying motivators allow to better inform the interview process and make optimal hiring decisions—we help our clients to understand candidate prospection and mindset.

Job Analysis (Profiling)

Job analysis is a methodology that helps organizations to identify the interests and strengths that employees need to perform specific jobs effectively. Birkman system allows the creation of a job file that helps to measure the level of employee interests, the amount of training required, the skills they need, and what training is needed to address these gaps. In addition to identifying leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills.

Training needs analysis

To ensure that leaders and employees are able to effectively manage organizations, Birkman assessment provide organizations with data that extracts the perceptions and motivations behind decisions, strategies, and priorities. This data can be used to deliver training programs tailored based on individual needs, and to provide personalized training based on the perceptions and expectations of each employee to bridge the gap between job competencies and employee skills.

Talent development

We use the Birkman Method into talent development programs to accelerate individual growth. Through tailored coaching that creates a fundamental understanding of how individual perceptions and motivations impact performance, employees can thrive, Identify the blind spots that can hinder an individual’s success and effectiveness, leverage individual strengths to achieve professional success and develop individualized action plans to accelerate employee growth.

Succession Planning

Succession planning helps to ensure that the organization moves in the right direction with the next generation of leaders. Birkman method provides behavioural data that helps to identify the most important characteristics of the organization, and who is best suited to a particular position.

Team Building

Collaborating with team members who have different communication styles and work preferences is a key organizational challenge. We enable teams to achieve greater productivity through greater awareness and appreciation for individual differences, teams can increase their resilience success.

By providing dedicated team-building workshops designed according to employee reports, we help teams understand individual differences, resolve differences more effectively, and minimize misunderstandings due to unmet individual expectations and needs. Improve group interactions by understanding individual strengths and how they can be used to enhance team performance, create effective communication language and learn different ways to managing behaviours under pressure.

Developing leadership skills

We are developing leadership skills to expand individuals' capacity and potential to participate and influence. Through Birkman reports, we help leaders recognize their strengths, potential challenges, understanding their behaviours and their impact on others, their ability to motivate others, and adapt their behaviours to meet the needs of others. We are also developing the skills of emotional and social intelligence. We offer a variety of leadership skills development including:

  • Self-Leadership program to empower individual contributors to strengthen performance: This program is designed for individual contributors to improve performance and productivity through increased self-awareness and more intentional self-management. Accountability, personal branding, and self-coaching are the core themes taught across five engaging sessions.
  • Team Leadership program targeted skills for new managers: The Team Leadership workshop is designed to help current, new, and aspiring managers build situational awareness to diagnose the state of workplace relationships and adapt their work style to maintain peak performance. The content of this workshop helps managers leverage their strengths to strategize ways to improve workplace relationships.
  • Cross-Functional Leadership to effective management of group dynamics: The Cross-Functional Leadership workshop is designed for higher levels of leadership who have to be effective at both managing the business and leading other leaders. The workshop takes leaders deep into their own personal mindset with a focus on specific factors that influence the ability to lead and manage groups of people and complex projects.
  • Strategic Leadership to critical perspectives for executive teams: The Strategic Leadership workshop is designed for executives to understand how their mindset impacts how they approach issues and problems; top-level leadership teams will discuss their differences in mindset when solving business problems.